Course Description

This is a general biology class for students majoring in the life sciences. Biological themes and topics covered in this class include a comprehensive description and discussion of Chemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics, Microbiology and Evolution. In addition, students are required to complete two weekly 3 hours laboratory exercises.  These laboratory exercises will include performing experiments that demonstrate and reflect important biological concepts/ themes, as well as watching scientific videos and attending field trips.


Biotechnology Lecture

California Science Center Worksheet

Extra Credit Assignment # 1

Metabolism Lecture PDF

Measurements in Biology PDF

Process of Science PDF

Syllabus (Fall 2018)

DNA and Gel Electrophoresis Virtual Lab

Field Trips

Group Topics

Group Project Guidelines

Presentation Grading Rubric

Calculating Standard Deviation

Enzyme Lab PDF

Punnet Square Practice #1

Punnet Square Practice #2

Punnet Square Practice #3

Punnet Square Practice #4

Lab Exam I Study Guide

Lab Exam II Study Guide

Final Exam Review Topics

Structures of Biological Molecules


Golden Ratio (Fabonacci Number)